Lolli & Pops

Lolli & Pops is a candy store in the Maine mall reminiscent of candy shoppes of past generations. Filled with gummies, chocolates, childhood favorites, and unique sweet finds from around the world.

The store is currently receiving a lot of attention and backlash over a technical issue that resulted in customers seeing charges months after purchase.

Late Charges

News Center Maine reports that on July 16th many customers were charged for purchases from as far back as December. Some customers thinking they were double charged or charged as fraud having not been to the store recently.

Lolli & Pops representatives said these charges were simply delayed due to technical issues. These issues were also present in other locations across the country.

Checks and Balances

With online banking, it's easier than ever to do a quick balance check and make a purchase. I'll admit that even I stopped using a checkbook register long ago but this situation is exactly why purchases should be tracked.

Many commenters on Facebook are up in arms over the glitch. And yes, while it is inconvenient, if a proper register was kept it would be a non-issue.

Just because your account says one thing does not mean that's how much money you have. That's money management 101.

Is a 7-month delay annoying? Unprofessional? Sure. But being upset over an overdraft or a low balance isn't their fault.

Hopefully, this can be a reminder to people (self included) to be more mindful of the transactions in our accounts.

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