Police in Holden plan to bring back their "Candy From A Cop" event for the 3rd year in a row.

The program was created in 2020, as a way for families to still get a treat at Halloween, without putting themselves at risk. Since then, it's taken off, and become a sort of tradition in the Holden area.

Candy From A Cop 2, Holden PD
Candy From A Cop 2, Holden PD

Through generous donations from local businesses and community members, Holden PD did a kind of reverse trick-or-treating, taking the goodies to the kiddos.

Police Chief Chris Greeley says children whose family members sign up for the event will get a little treat on Halloween day.

"We'll be delivering from around 11 am to 9 pm on Halloween day. Kids will get a bag or box of candy, perhaps a small toy, new stuffed animals, coloring books & crayons, etc."

Candy From A Cop 1, Holden PD
Candy From A Cop 1, Holden PD

Chief Greeley says there are multiple ways families in Holden can place their orders.

"Folks can place their order by emailing me at cgreeley@holdenmaine.gov, reaching us at @HoldenPolice on Twitter, or calling 843-5442. We'll need some details like the names and ages of the kids/adults we'll be delivering to, an arrival window, (like between 4 and 6 pm as an example), and any other helpful information."

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Greeley said those interested in making a donation towards this year's "Candy from a Cop" program can also reach out to him directly at the email and phone numbers above.
If you want your Holden resident to receive Candy from a Cop, make sure you place your order by Sunday, October 30th.

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