No fairs this summer? It’s not fair!

We are pretty much in the dog days of summer now, and one constant each and every year is the fair. Maine is famous for having incredible yearly events that the whole family can enjoy, but not this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life. So many fun events have either been cancelled or postponed till a later date, and that includes the fair. Do we really have to wait till 2021 to have a doughboy?

It's always fun to see music videos that are created, produced and performed by music artists from the State of Maine. Sure, you've heard of the big ones like the self proclaimed "King of Maine", the rapper known as Spose, but there are plenty of other musicians whose songs feature the things that make living here a unique experience.

The Flooded Cellar Band describes themselves as "Back Woods music from the small town of Lovell, Maine" and they have a bunch of humorous tunes that deal with some of the fun, and not so fun aspects of daily Maine life.

They have put out a new song and video mourning the loss of one of the best parts of summer in Maine. Check out “No Fair” and cross your fingers that we can go on rides, and eat fair food next year.

They have plenty of other Maine inspired tunes

"Contrast" is a song all about the things we miss while being locked down in quarantine. Sports is pretty much number one on the list. So many high schools and colleges had to throw in the towel on Spring activities.

Grab the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and tissues. "If You Really, Really Love Me(Won't You Please Stay Away" is an ode to social distancing.

"When The Snow Gets Deep" is a shout out to all the men and women who are out their plowing during a snow storm.

"I've Just About Had It With Winter" is for those brutal Maine winters we have all endured over the years

"Check Me For Ticks" speaks for itself, as we are in the middle of a hot, buggy summer!

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