Mainer's were surprised to find out Thursday that USA Today listed a few northern Maine locations in its 6 recommended cheap destinations to travel to in the United States for a summer vacation.

USA Today selected Bangor and the Maine Highlands as one of 6 U.S. vacation destinations for the family that can provide fun but not drain the bank account.

While some other locations nationwide may be a bit put-off being described as 'cheap', Mainer's thrive on a good deal and can surely get behind not only saving a few bucks, but also appreciate some attention as a go-to tourist destination. I mean, we are 'Vacationland'.

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The article mentioned how Bangor and the Maine Highlands were great outdoor spots in the nation, specifically mentioning Moosehead Lake, Baxter State Park, Mount Katahdin and Bangor.

The article even gave a little extra of Bangor's outdoor activities offered in the Queen City with it's multitude of local hiking and bike trails.

Bangor and the Maine Highlands are certainly ways to have lots of fun without spending a lot because the fun is enjoying our natural resources, state parks, great beaches and lakes and doing it with people that matter to you. That's what a summer vacation should be about. And Maine is glad to represent that!

Alongside Bangor and the Maine Highlands, the other locations mentioned in the USA Today article included Custer State Park, North Dakota, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Hershey, Pennsylvania, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, and Washington D.C.

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