Christy Gardner from Oxford has led an incredible life. Moxie saved her life when she came to her as a puppy 13 years ago.


If you don't know Christy, she's pretty much a legend here in Maine for all she's been through and all she does. When she was wounded on a peacekeeping mission, they told her she was 100% disabled. She was also told that her spinal injuries would lead to seizures and she could not live alone.

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That's when, after a long search, Moxie came into her life as a fuzzy eager puppy.

Moxie literally saved her life and now, Moxie is fighting for her life as cancer that was caught and fought almost a year ago is back. She responded well to treatment back in September. But this time, it's all about giving her as much steak as she wants and trying to make her life last with quality. If Christy hasn't responded as quickly as usual, she is taking care of her girl.


Positive thoughts can only help and as Moxie turns 13 this weekend, we thought it would be nice to wish her a happy birthday and strength as she fights cancer again.

VetriScience, which helped Christy with medical costs for her adopted school therapy dog Lucky Tim, is helping send birthday greetings to her from people around the country.


Christy, know that we are all rooting for Mox to live as long as she can comfortably. We know it will be a painful day when you have to say goodbye. Please know that we are thinking of you and your favorite girl.



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