Nobody else in America is as smart.  Want proof?

Here’s the situation. Survey of Americans about International News. And if you had to guess at which state finished first in the quiz, nobody would fault you if you said New York or Connecticut or even Massachusetts.  They have bigger cities with bigger universities.

And when it comes to certain things most of us would think that Maine is at the top of the ratings. But maybe not International News. But we are

First here’s the quiz given to people in all 50 states.

  1. In which part of Europe is Ukraine located?
  2. Which is the international organization, of which the United States is a part of, which guarantees the freedom and security of its members through political and military means?
  3. What does the WHO stand for?
  4. Which country recently hosted the Winter Olympics?
  5. Who is the UK Prime Minister?

Go ahead, ask a 5th grader.

Most Americans care less about what happens outside our borders than inside unless it affects us. Great example, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is dominating news cycles, but maybe that is because of the immediate effect it has on us, like increased gas prices.

We are more focused on local news, and how international stories affect us locally.

Before we review the answers to the quiz that placed Maine at number one in the country, the national average of correct answers was 37%. Mississippians scored 8%. New York, home of the United Nations came in fourth with 66% correct answers.

And yes Maine finished first with 73% of answers correct.

Here are the answers

  1. Ukraine is in EASTERN Europe
  2. The organization is NATO
  3. WHO is World Health Organization
  4. Winter Olympics were in CHINA
  5. UK P.M. is Boris Johnson

So we’re number one in pine trees and places to live and hunting and fishing and lobster and blueberries and so many things.

Add to the list, Most clued in on international news.

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