Bangor Comic and ToyCon are getting ready for their annual Comicon event to take place April 22nd - 24th at the Bangor Mall.

While we anticipate the April event, we can also look forward to another weekend of fun festivities of all things nerdy and wonderful to come later this year.

Spooky and spectacular

Over the weekend, a new event was added to the Bangor Comic and ToyCon calendar For September 30th - October 2nd, an event called 'BCTC Presents Weekend of the Wicked'.

The event is described as a 3-day event and is bound to be centered around haunting themes to get us ready for the spooky season of Halloween.

The event is planned to have two celebrity guests whom we are still waiting as to who that will be. We can also expect vendors, artists, and lots of gaming, as well.

We are encouraged to follow BCTC on social media to find out who their celebrity guests will be. The guests will be announced soon, as is more news about this 'wicked' event.

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Tickets on-sale now

Tickets are already on sale. You can choose the full VIP admittance for $40, a 2-day pass for $30, a Saturday-only ticket for $20, a Sunday-only ticket for $15, or a Friday-only ticket for $10.

Vendors wanted

The event is looking for vendors now and is offering some pretty sweet early bird savings for those who sign up now.

Get your tickets at Keep up to date with the Bangor Comic and Toy Con peeps by signing up for their newsletter on their website and by following them on Facebook when they make big announcements such as guest announcements and other news.

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