Go, Witches!

After a break in 2021 due to COVID concerns, last night, the 5th season of High School Quiz Show: Maine, premiered on Maine Public Television and featured our neighbors down the street from Brewer High School.

BHS students Lindsey, Swaroop, Cooper, and Ryan, put their knowledge to the test against Julian, Paige, Tiger, and Kayleigh, who are the Raiders of Oak Hill High School, in Wales, Maine. We won't spoil the results of the match for you, because the full show is available to watch.

One big change this season, is the new host! Weather dude, Todd Gutner, from WLBZ 2 News Center Maine, now has the gig, after our friend Shannon Moss, moved on to other things outside of media.

Sixteen four-student teams from high schools all across the state will compete for the $1,000 prize for their school's Project Graduation, in a single-elimination, academic bracket competition, with the runner-up being awarded a $500 gift. The winner of the Maine tournament will participate in a regional tournament facing the Quiz Show champions from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island

Production funding for High School Quiz Show: Maine is provided by the good people of Safety Insurance, Unitil, and the Maine Education Association.

New episodes will air every Thursday night at 8 pm, on MPBN, with an encore play on Sunday afternoons at 5 pm.

Way back in 2018, before the Season 2 premiere, former host Shannon Moss stopped by the Z Morning Show to quiz Kid & Sarah, with some interesting results.

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