A Maine high school says a photo of a student holding a gun will not be published in the school yearbook.

Wade Gelinas, a senior at Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, was told he would not be allowed to use a photo of himself holding his shotgun.

Gelinas told WCSH/WLBZ that hunting is a family tradition.

"It's just my sport. It's just what I do. I don't play football. I don't play basketball. I just hunt," said Gelinas.

Kelly Roy, the photographer who took the picture, said she has taken photos of students that include bows and arrows, sports equipment, musical instruments and cars, but she did not think Gelinas would be allowed to use his photo.

Principal Lori Napolitano said she is not passing judgement, but when it comes to acceptable yearbook pictures, the school draws the line at weapons.

Napolitano said students are not allowed to bring weapons to school or wear clothing with images of weapons, and the school will not make an exception when it comes to photos submitted for use in the yearbook.

Gelinas said he plans to submit a different photo.

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