First, let us put politics aside. When the bill was signed the day before yesterday saying that the state budget had passed and the $300 that goes to Mainers making less than $75,000 or couples making less than $150,000, and within minutes social media had message after message ripping everyone involved.

Looks like nobody is happy. "It’s not enough." "It’s too much." "Government should not be spending our tax dollars this way." "If the unemployment checks got boosted by $300 a week, why are those who worked through the pandemic only getting $300 total." Everybody has an opinion and expresses it freely.  And isn’t that America? Great that everyone can have an opinion, no matter how different they all are.

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For the record, The $300 isn’t going to change my life. I work. I get paid. I don’t live beyond my means. I can do without the $300. But hey, for the record I got the federal stimulus money too and I kept it.

My idea: If you are just going to put the money into the general budget that you have for your household and family and $300 will not be noticed, or appreciated, do what I think I might do.  When you get the actual check or automatic deposit, go get cash for it. You can split it up into different denominations. Some $10s, some $20s, a $50 or two, maybe even a $100 bill.

Then with your pants pocket bulging with cash, walking around money, take a good look at the people around. There are individuals and families struggling each and every day, wondering how they are going to get their kids fed and pay the rent and keep on going with a hopeful attitude. Bet you don’t have to look too long to see someone like that.  Give them however much you feel like giving them. Trust me, it'll make you feel just as good as them.

And if that’s not to your liking, head to the bar and buy your friends a drink.  Go to a restaurant and buy a couple of struggling senior citizens their meal.  Tip the wait staff lots more than you ever have.  Think of a friend or neighbor that has a kid that doesn’t get spoiled. Spoil him or her with some of the money. The possibilities are endless if you choose to spread joy.

Remember governments have "x" amount of dollars they bring in, yes, our tax dollars. And they are going to spend it and we are never going to agree on how it is spent.  This money is a done deal. We are getting it. I hope I’ve helped you spend what you are getting. Thanks for spreading hope.

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