Back years and years ago, my aunt used to work at the old Cap Morril's redemption center in Brewer. Cap's pretty much owned that whole section of South Main Street it seemed. Between the fish market, tavern, and redemption center, they seemed to have all of south Brewer to themselves.

Fast forward to today, and that redemption center is long gone. In fact, they don't seem as numerous as they used to be in general. These days, everyone wants everything done right this minute. So it's led to things like the Clynk service at Hannaford. You just drop off your stuff there and forget about it.

But back in the day. It seemed like bringing the bottles back was just an everyday chore that had to be fulfilled from time to time. And almost 40 years ago, JR Redemption in Brewer was no exception. It was a bustling spot. You know it well if you drive through south Brewer much.

It's that big metal clam shell of a building, on the left, just past the cemetery, if you're headed towards Wilson Street in Brewer. But according to a post on their Facebook page, they announced they're putting down their abacus and Wednesday was their last day.

It is with great sadness we want to let everyone know today June 30th will be our last day open. After almost 40 years in business JR has decided to retire and close the business. We want to thank all of our loyal customers over the years. We will miss seeing so many faces. We will be around the next week or so doing clean up (but will not be taking any more product) if you have not had a chance to say goodbye feel free to stop by. Thank you all!
There's still some cleanup to do, but it seems it's all over but the shouting at this point. It's always sad to see any business close. Especially one that's been around as long as JR's. But hopefully retirement means happier days and some well deserved rest. Good luck to JR and the crew...

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