So, it looks like Maine has crowned it's 2021 teacher of the year, congratulations to Cindy Soule from Riverton, who, after being chosen as Cumberland County's Teacher of the year, took home the crown as the state's Teacher of the year yesterday in a small ceremony.


A lifelong resident of Maine, Cindy Soule developed an appreciation for the natural world. This passion is evident in her teaching. Congratulations to Cindy on being named 2021 Maine Teacher of the Year!

Posted by NEWS CENTER Maine on Thursday, 8 October 2020

"We are proud to announce that Cindy Soule is the 2021 Maine Teacher of the Year!" Heather Whitaker, 2020 Maine Teacher of the Year and member of the Teacher of the Year State Review Panel, said to News Center Maine. "Cindy has been a dedicated member of the Talbot School Community for 20 years. She is a lifelong learner committed to the craft of teaching and building strong relationships with her students, colleagues, and community. We will learn so much from her passion for teaching inquiry-based science and literacy!"

Soule can cut through the noise at one of the county's most diverse schools, formerly Riverton Elementary, now known as Talbott Elementary, and has impacted many lives over her tenure at the school. She partners with many organizations outside of her work as a teacher, such as Side X Side and the Maine Audubon.

For the next year, miss Soule will advocate for education and post-high school plans for students for the state of Maine and represent the state in the national Teacher of the year conference for 2021. congratulations to Ms. Soule as she once again shows that Maine puts education first, and there is still a passion for learning! Do you have a teacher you would nominate for Teacher of the year?


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