Meet Campion, he's the very excited boy in the video. Campion loves all things spooky and is obsessed with the Ghostbusters. In fact his last birthday party was Ghostbusters themed. So when he heard that the Maine Ghostbusters weren't going to make it to Oakfest this year, Campion was devastated.

Luckily for Campion though, his father has a friend whose brother happens to be a Maine Ghostbuster. When they heard the story about the little boy who didn't get to see his heroes this year the Maine Ghostbusters sprung into action. They fired up Maine's Echo 1 and drove to see Campoin with gifts in hand.

The Maine Ghostbusters are more than just a gimmick. These guys are a group of Ghostbusters fans from all over the great state of Maine who come together to not only share their love for Ghostbusters with others but attend events to support fund-raising for charity. In fact,100% of their profits are donated to local Maine charities.

If you have a fundraiser or other type of event and would like the Maine Ghostbusters to attend, send an email to

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