"If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."

It's a quote that no one really knows the origin of or when it started (although, fun fact, according to Quote Investigator, it's traced back to either Mark Twain or Will Rogers.)

Regardless of where it came from, it's pretty much been adopted as a weather motto for not only New England as a whole, but especially Maine.

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Townsquare Media

Maine Subzero Temps

Perfect example. Last Friday, we woke up to single-digit weather, which hit the high of like, 8 degrees by Noon, and then plummeted below freezing by about 3p (at least in Portland.) We spent the rest of Friday and all day Saturday pretty much below freezing (especially with the wind chill) or barely above it.

And now, we prep for what's been called the "February Blowtorch from Hell."

Jaroslaw Kwoczala / Keith Carson via Twitter
Jaroslaw Kwoczala / Keith Carson via Twitter

Maine Weather Forecast

Fresh off last weekend's subzero temperatures, we've had a couple of 40+ degree days, with an inch or two of snow mixed in, along with a wintry mix in the forecast for tonight and highs in the 50s tomorrow.

And that's kind of where the "February Blowtorch from Hell" wild ride starts, because in a Tweet that NEWS CENTER Maine meteorologist Keith Carson shared yesterday, instead of the usual heavy dump of snow we tend to get in February, it's going to feel a bit like spring instead.

Now, while I'm no meteorologist and have literally never either seen, paid attention to, or tried to decipher one of these images before (until I moved to Maine last summer, anyway), I'm pretty sure it means that over the next week (since the chart mentions being dated Wednesday, February 8 through Wednesday, February 15), we're going to experience temps that are 7-11 degrees higher than normal.

Which means we'll be hanging in the 40s and 50s for a good chunk of the next week. And, according to the comments on Keith's post, some Mainers are psyched about (put me in that group, I hate winter, regardless of loving New England and getting four seasons) and some are heated about.

Well I don't know about anyone else but I enjoyed the 3 weeks of winter. - Sarah


The weather pattern is drunk. - Jeff Schools


Bring it on, 40s plus i'll take it thru the rest of the winter, keep it coming. - Rob


Well at least my heat pump won't be going crazy. I do miss a real winter though. End of the real cold temps for the year? - Higs


February Blowtorch from hell. - Jamie Ippolito


I guess I’m never taking my kids skating. - Moore Fabulous


Well *that* sucks. - Ryan Heisler


Snowy March in Maine?

If you are a fan of winter and getting a ton of fresh powder to hit the slopes, don't pack your bags for Canada or Antarctica yet. Because in the comment thread, Keith did mention that we could be in for a snowy, cold March since we're getting this warm weather now.

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