One Maine restaurant is so inundated with requests for reservations that, in its past, has narrowed down how you can reserve your table: by postcard only.

Maine's famous The Lost Kitchen in Freedom has steered away from more immediate and conventional forms of doing reservations after they received 10,000 calls looking to get into the 40-seated venue.

The quaint setting and special farm-to-table dinners are what attract people from all over the world to the restaurant.  But perhaps the 6-month window to have such a special meal is also what drives up the demand for reservations since they are only open from May to October.

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The season is almost here

On Facebook, the restaurant shows signs up opening up for the upcoming season posting that they are hiring.

Also, their website is informing those that want reservations to check in on April 1st for instructions. Will it be by postcard again this year? We'll have to visit the website on April 1st to find out.

How you've had to reserve in the past

Just to prepare you for the possibility of getting your reservation this year with this in-demand Maine restaurant, here's how you could be considered for a reservation in the past:

  • Send a postcard that is 3" x 5"
  • Include your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  • The postcard must be in a postmarked envelope addressed to the restaurant
  • Postmarked between a certain set of dates.

After the dates of postmarking have expired, the restaurant will select random postcards to fill up reservations until the restaurant is booked full for the season.

Now, we wait until April 1st to see how The Lost Kitchen will be officially be doing reservations this year for one of the most coveted reservations in the State of Maine. Good luck trying to get in on next season's special eats!

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