Let's take a look at the fall foliage report for this week, October 7th - October 13th, for the state of Maine.  It is peak week for most areas north of Millinocket.  High color through the middle part of the state from Calais, through Bangor, Jackman, Bar Harbor to Bethel.  Meanwhile, the southern part of the state is seeing moderate change.

mainefoliage.com, maine.gov
mainefoliage.com, maine.gov

The peak week for the Bangor area to check out the best and brightest foliage viewing is predicted within days near October 15th - 20th.

Check out the Maine Foliage report on the Maine.gov website here.


Smokeymountains.com has put up an interactive map so you can check out what's going on with the fall foliage nationwide.  This week, many of the colder areas in the northern states and Rocky Mountain states are either in their peak week of foliage or near peak.

The northern half of the states are seeing the change over while southern and Pacific coast states are in minimal changeover currently.

Stay tuned, more updates to come!

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