Whether you are looking forward to the arrival of more and more electric vehicles, or are dreading it, one thing is certain.

When, not if, because it sure looks like they are a certainty, they do arrive in greater numbers one of the big questions is “How do we charge them all?”

And here is what is happening already in other parts of the country, and it would be a solid bet to say these too are coming to Maine.

It is hard to fathom how and where all the electric vehicles will be charged when they run out of power.

One thing to have a charging dock at home. But what about traveling. Where are we going to get a place to plug in, in the middle of nowhere. Or close to there.

Eco-Conscious Cars: States with the Most Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

What is already happening elsewhere?

Good chance you frequented a place this week that is someday going to be a place where electric automobiles will be charged.

Get ready for the next hot fast food menu item?

Would you like electric vehicle charging with that?

Yes several major fast food and convenience store chains have recently announced a big push into electric vehicle (EV) charging.

7-Eleven recently launched their own EV fast charging network in Florida, Texas, Colorado, and California.

There are no 7-Elevens in the state of Maine, you say. Not to worry.

Subway announced long term plans to build car charging ‘oases'

Taco Bell is rolling out EV chargers at more than 100 of its California restaurants.

Wonder how long it will be before others announce their plans to add ‘electric charging’ to their fast food menus, and when they will start to pop up in Maine.

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