With the colder weather here, taking the dog out for a walk may bring some anxiety on whether your furry pal can be comfortable while trekking out in the cold.

In some cases, your dog may be fully equipped with thick fur and a body height to endure a frigid Maine morning.  But, some dogs need an extra weather depending on how cold it is.

According to pedigreefoundation.org, some dogs are made for the cold outdoors, like huskies and malamutes. Other dogs like Chihuahuas or Greyhounds need a little extra protection and warmth during the wintertime

According to pedigreefoundation.org, temperatures above 45-degrees are find for dogs to not have to put on extra layers.

Dogs that will need some extra warmth include smaller breeds, groomed dogs with shortened hair, younger dogs-specifically puppies, older dogs- specifically those considered seniors and thin-haired dogs. For these dogs, when temperatures dip below freezing dress them for the weather.

For the most part we are looking to keep our dogs warm for comfort, like dogs with fine hair and thinner body types, puppies and smaller breeds.

Others you want to keep warm to avoid joint pain or immune issues, like our older pups.

Larger dogs are usually good without coats but be sure to clear up their fur if snow gets up in long-haired dogs.

Your dog will tell you it's too cold if they are shivering, whining, holding up their paws off of the ground, you know, stuff you would do if you were too cold.

Lastly, booties are generally not needed unless you plan on taking your pooch for long hike.

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