This can’t miss event will let you explore the beauty of Maine!

With the beginning of fall right around the corner on Wednesday, September 22nd, this is the time to get outdoors and enjoy all the pleasures that the Pine Tree State has to offer, before those short winter days, and super cold nights arrive. So, are you looking for something to do that involves the whole family? We found something that covers all the bases of the quintessential fall experience in Maine.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a little piece of paradise located in Boothbay, that opened way back in 2007. The gardens have been named one of Maine's top attractions. Its gardens and landscape include nearly a mile of gorgeous tidewater shoreline. It is largest botanical garden in New England, with 295 acres. It is such a popular destination that they welcome about 200,000 visitors per year from all over the world, and once a year, they give Mainers a special treat.

Over Indigenous Peoples Day Weekend, on Saturday, October 9th, Sunday, October 10th, and Monday, October 11th, the Maine Days celebration lets you and the whole family discover stunning ornamental gardens,, waterfalls, and amazing stonework and sculpture, with miles of trails allow you to experience waterfront and woodlands that are 100% Maine. Best of all, this event will occur during absolute peak leaf peeping conditions in the state of Maine.

Tickets are free for Maine residents, just bring your Maine State ID or driver's license. But keep in mind that you have to register in advance to participate And, tickets are required to attend.. Get your tickets now, at

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