Dangerous, but very cool!

Ryan Howes from Augusta, is a professional climber who also owns Northern Vertical Climbing Guides in Belfast, and he definitely has some daredevil in him to attempt a rather amazing feat.

The so-called "Bomb Cyclone" snowstorm back in January was especially unique because it formed a whole new ice climbing route at Barrett's Cove in Camden. The mix of warm, cold and moisture made this rare experience possible.

In this video, Ryan manages to climb up an astonishing 120 feet of ice.

This is the first new ice climb in 17 years at Barrett's Cove , which is located at Camden Hills State Park. It's called the Bomb Cyclone M7R, and you can imagine, it is considered to be highly dangerous to scale.

Enjoy the spectacle of Ryan's adventure, but hey kids, don't try this at home, in this case, we should just leave it to the professionals.

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