A Bucksport man has generated thousands of views on a Facebook post about a near accident on the River Road when he was traveling from Bucksport to Orrington at 3 AM Tuesday morning.

He explains that he was traveling north from Belfast when he came across an elderly woman in the road in Orrington.  It being dark and foggy, Eslin did not anticipate the startling event but was able to avoid hitting the woman.  Eslin got out of his vehicle to help the woman who seemed confused and unaware of the situation, possibly due to a medical condition seemingly like dementia.  As he helped the woman, a police officer arrived at the scene.  Eslin did not know how the officer was aware of the situation and was told by the officer that someone had called the police department about the elderly woman in the road.

Eslin was shocked that someone called in the spotting but did not stop to help the woman.

See Eslin's response and concern in his facebook post below:

Eslin later identifies the lady and visits her at EMMC:

Many of the responses to his journey are filled with concern and care for the elderly lady:

"I'm so glad that you were able to help this poor woman."


"You are a good person & probably saved her life!"

As well as praise for Eslin:

"Wow thats got me in tears dude, Todays society makes me sad and kinda scared for the future in a way!! Your truly a good hearted man brad your tears prove that and Im proud to know you!!! Not many like you out here anymore bud!!!!!"

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