Forbes released its list of what they consider to be the best craft brews in America. Seven of the 13 selected beers hail from Vermont. Maine was honored with two. New York, California, Illinois and Quebec (Forbes apparently sucks at geography) are home to the others.

Ranking at #5 was Maine Beer Company's delicious 'Lunch' IPA. Forbes describes it as 'crisp and piney in comparison to fruity and dank like the ‘West Coast’ styles. This is about as seasonable as a 7% beer gets, think fried seafood and sea breeze.”

Also from Maine Beer Co. at #2 was the brewers flagship beer 'Peeper Ale.' I agree with Forbes in saying: 'It’s essentially summer in a bottle. This beer was intended to be enjoyed on the Maine coast with a fishing pole in hand. It’s light and crisp with plenty of hop identity—but without the bitterness and a low ABV. It doesn’t do this beer justice to drink one at a time.'

You can see the full list, here.

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