The Associated Press is reporting that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is asking those of us located near their Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office to be on the look out for turtles when enjoying the great Maine beaches.

Right now, we can expect many different kinds of turtles popping up on our shorelines and further north into Canada for the weeks and months to come due to their annual migrations up north to lay eggs and starting the next generation of

The office also notes that any healthy turtles should not be chillin' beach side, instead we really shouldn't be seeing them on the beaches.

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Turtles that become entangled in garbage or other man-made restrictions to the turtles should be tended to. Any stranded or entangled turtles should have help by professionals and citizens are encouraged to call a hotline to help them.

If you find a stranded turtle, call for help by dialing 866-755-6622.

Maine is actually a summer home for the endangered leatherback turtle. This species of turtle can grow to enormous lengths and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds according to the Natural Resources of Maine.

Help out those turtles and the other species we may see beachside and call the helpline if you find one stranded or in need of help at 866-755-6622.

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