It's official. You can now get anything delivered to your house.

If there's only one thing we can thank the pandemic for at all, is that we learned that given the opportunity, folks will opt to have just about anything and everything delivered to their house. Sure it started with booming takeout/delivery business, but then the state government actually paved the way for booze to be able to be delivered to our homes.

If that isn't amazing all by itself, I don't know what is. So if we're living in a day an age where you can have just about anything in the world delivered right to your door, where does it end? Should it end? Uh, no way. But seriously, would you ever have thought you could have your very own drag show, right at your own house?

Why not?

That's not to say anyone should or shouldn't. That's entirely up to you. But the "Curbside Queens" have answered the question of whether or not we needed it, because they are literally on the road, all over Maine, doing drag shows. They have a sweet pink bus where the performers do makeup, and change outfits, etc.

According to the BDN, Maine drag performers Gigi Gabor and Cherry Lemonade, started their own company during the pandemic. With no place to do their thing indoors, as most venues in Maine were essentially, if not totally shut down by COVID, they took the show on the road.

They are not newcomers to the scene here in Maine.

Their names may seem familiar to you. Other than being longtime veterans of Maine's drag scene, but also Cherry Lemonade appeared on the 2015 season of American Idol, and did a fine job. She didn't win, but everyone knows you're better off not winning American Idol anyway. Take the free press and run.

Drag shows can be a lot of fun. They're not for everybody, obviously. But they're a hit at bachelorette parties and birthdays, where things can be a bit more... relaxed. It's all in good fun, and presumably, they're making decent money. But it's like we said at the beginning, we live in a world where people want it delivered right to their house.

So yeah, it's official. You can get anything delivered.

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