Maine's great live music scene is well represented here!

Portland based band "The Dapper Gents" play all across the state of Maine, bringing a interesting twist to pop tunes that you here everyday on Z-107.3. Normally cover bands that play watering holes don't usually play current songs, it's more classic rock oriented, so it's always fun to hear a band try something different. And the way the arrange these songs and the instruments they use to perform them are very creative and cool.

Their version of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" is a straight up country throwdown jam that still is faithful to the original.

They change Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" into an instrumental played on the cello!

Ditto for "The Hills" by the Weeknd

Check some of their other pop covers and if you get to see this unique and original act anywhere in Maine, don't miss the opportunity

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