Covid has killed concerts - and now the places where artists perform need help to stay open.


Sydney is partnering with the Maine Music Alliance and 5 other musicians on a Livestream Fundraiser at the State Theatre on November 21, 2020. The hope is to put a dent in their $125,000 goal to keep the incredible venues of Portland alive despite these devastating circumstances. Due to COVID 19 closures, many are on the verge of closing. They need to raise just under $100,000 to hit their target. They've already raised over $30,000, but your help is still needed.

These venues are critical in the Maine economy. The restaurant and tourism industry revolves around Portland’s vibrant music and art scene. If your business can support local Maine artists, you can sponsor the event! Here are the level of event sponsorships:

  • Hero - $10,000
  • Champion - $5,000
  • Advocate - $2500
  • Star - $1000
  • Supporter - $500
  • Friend - $250

The 6 entertainers performing on Saturday (Viva & The Reinforcements, Brit Martin, Sydney the Singer, Suzie Assam, Hannah Harleen, and S6ef) have followers all over the USA and the world and this event is a great opportunity for businesses that care about community on the local level to get their long due recognition for their commitment to the arts and small business economy.


It’s unfortunate it has come down to the performers raising money for the venues. The surrounding states have given the arts relief funding, Maine has not done that.