It's hard to believe it's been a month since Nicky's Cruisin Diner closed it's doors for good. And each time I've driven by the place since then, I've wondered what would happen to all that history encased within it's walls? The memorabilia? Those license plates? The pinball machine and the Betty Boop? I know I'm not alone in thinking it would have been kind of neat  to have something to remember the place by; own a bit of Bangor's history? Well, now we can.

According to the Nicky's Cruisin Diner Facebook Page, there will be an indoor yard sale at the restaurant next Tuesday and Wednesday (the 4th and 5th of August) from 9AM-3PM. That's where you can get stuff that they used to run the place. If you want in on the decorations and memorabilia, that will be auctioned off in September.

" We are selling tables, chairs, few booths, misc dish wares, cups (Pepsi & Coke) coffee mugs, office items, and many other items. Saturday September 5, auction at Jeff’s Catering, hosted by Mainely Antique Auctions... This is where the decorations and collectibles will be sold. We look forward to seeing you there!!"

I totally want a Nicky's mug. Or a set of those rugged plates they served me many a scrambled egg order on. It would be awesome to get a hold of their shake machine! My kids would get a kick out of the Three Stooges stuff they used to have in there.

So here's your chance, Bangor (and beyond) to take home a little slice of what life used to so many ways.

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