The strangest most beautiful thing in those shady swampy spots of Maine is called a skunk cabbage and it is quite a sight to behold.

About Skunk Cabbage

You might also know this unusual plant as Skunk Weed, Polecat Weed, Meadow Cabbage, or Swamp Cabbage. You'll know this plant by its big, leafy vibrant green leaves, strange purple flower/fruit, and it's stinky smell. It was used by Native Americans to treat a wide range of medical issues, according to Native Plant Trust, and is found in the Northeast and the Great Lake States of the U.S. and Territories of Canada.

Early spring flower of Maine

One interesting thing about this unusual plant of Maine is it actually generates heat and can melt snow that is around it. This way it's a plant that emerges first in the spring and can capture those early pollinators first, those pollinators that get attracted by their stinky smell.

Not a dog-friendly native plant

According to the ASPCA, this plant can cause vomiting, difficulty swallowing and swelling in the mouth, tongue, and doggy lips. Please contact your vet if it is suspected your pet ingested this plant.

It's pretty cool to check out and is a great first sign of spring here in Maine!

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