Lizzo delved into the TikTok challenge of eating Oreo cookies with mustard just before the new year and Lil Yachty has offered a repulsed response to her participation.

On Wednesday (Jan. 5), Lil Boat sounded off on Lizzo joining in on the sweet-and-savory challenge, telling her that mustard doesn't belong on Oreos.

In Yachty's own TikTok video, he has the clip of Lizzo sitting in front of a pack of Oreos and also shows her almost squeezing yellow mustard onto one of the sandwich cookies before he edits to the clip to make him appear to snatch both the condiment and the snack away from her.

"Give me the goddamn mustard,” he said. "You know this don’t go on them." After sequestering the Oreos, Lil Yachty added, "You’re dead wrong."

A few days after Christmas, the "Truth Hurts" artist posted a video online of herself eating an Oreo with a fair amount of mustard on it. After doing a taste test, she put the mustard on the center of the cookie, on the vanilla cream portion, and appeared to somewhat enjoy the taste despite being perplexed by it.

Lizzo captioned the post, "Tiktok made me try mustard & oreos."

The Houston native doesn't shy away from a challenge because shortly after trying out Oreo cookies with mustard she got on the ranch dressing on spaghetti wave. In a separate video, Lizzo poured vegan ranch dressing, chili flakes, roasted parmesan powder and habanero hot sauce on her spaghetti.

Overall, Lizzo appeared to be pleased with both challenges despite them being out of the norm.

See Lizzo's Oreo and mustard challenge in full below.

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