Little Mix — who had the biggest-selling tour in the United Kingdom in 2016 — could finally make a big break in the United States as part of Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour. And in a new interview with the Zach Sang radio show, they say they've never felt more prepared for the challenge.

"We're ready now more than ever," Perrie Edwards said. "I don't know if it's because we've been together for five years now and we're more solid as a group or whether we feel stronger together, but we feel like this is our year, and we're gonna give it everything we possibly have to impress you Americans."

And where domestic artists are concerned, Little Mix said they were shocked when Camila Cabello announced in January that she was leaving Fifth Harmony to pursue a solo project. (Also of note: each Little Mix member quickly said "No!" when asked if they had any interest in pursuing careers independently of each other).

"We were really shocked," Jade Thirlwall said. "We love Fifth Harmony. We think they're a great group and they still will be. They're still four incredible performers."

"I just think in life you have to do what makes you happy," Jesy Nelson added. "If [Camila] wasn't happy, she wasn't happy...With or without her, they're going to do incredibly well."

And while British audiences have gotten over Edwards' breakup with Zayn Malik a long time ago (the former engaged couple split in August 2015), Sang warned that American media would probably still want to talk about it. Little Mix insisted they had already prepared their defenses.

"Don't worry, babes, we're ready for that one," Nelson said. "Normally, Jade is the first one to just shoot it down and be like, 'No.'"

"[And] Jesy takes no prisoners," Perrie added.

Finally, after five years in the industry, the girls have learned to let criticism fall on deaf ears. Accusations that they sported overly sexy, inappropriate outfits in their recent video for "Touch" were of little concern, they said.

"Everyone always has something to say," Jesy. "We could literally be dressed up in a cardigan and some big baggy trousers and have no skin showing and we'd still get criticized. They'd be like 'Why aren't they showing any skin?' We just can't win."

Watch the interview for more on how Little Mix songs come to fruition, why Edwards has got no regrets about her recent penchant for corsets and why the group decided to call their latest album Glory Days.

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