As if New Music Fridays couldn't get any better, Fifth Harmony surprised the internet by releasing the music video to their new track, “Angel," on August 11.

Already taking the #18 spot on YouTube's Trending category with nearly half a million views, the David Camarena-directed music video is a visual ode to women calling out their ex-lovers.

Dressed in black and red outfits, Normani, Lauren, Ally and Dinah channel their dark side by breaking the fourth wall and completely lashing out their verses at the camera, questioning whoever called them angels in the first place.

"Angel" is the second song released by Fifth Harmony following the departure of Camila Cabello in December 2016. Though it's not confirmed whether or not "Angel" is considered the group’s second single, it is most likely off their upcoming self-titled album Fifth Harmony, due out August 25th.

Until then, fans and followers of the pop quartet can watch "Angel" below:

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