It's become an everyday occurrence now, unfortunately; restaurants, shops, and offices either closing early or closing their doors altogether. I went to grab a coffee, after picking my kids up from school today, and I had to hit up 3 coffee shops before I found one that was still open. The reasons are usually lack of business or staffing shortages. In this case, it was due to staffing shortages.

I was in disbelief that at 3:05 in the afternoon, coffee joints were closing.

But it's just a sign of the times, isn't it?

I started to reminisce about a time, just a couple of years back before Covid-19 or Coronavirus were everyday terms. And I was suddenly struck by another sad thought; the closing of all these awesome places has not only left us with a deficit of coffee and such but also a lacking of the "in-person" contact we used to get with interesting characters, like the Drive-thru Dracula! Remember him?

The word about town in October of 2019, was that someone was working a local Dunkin Drive-Thru and using a Dracula voice while taking orders.

Inspired by the idea of potential contact with a fellow oddball character, I hopped in my minivan, with the kids, and hit up each Dunkin, till I found him.

We were told, after the fact, that he was the person in charge of training new hires, which was awesome, because who wouldn't want to learn from such a fantastic character?

And since I'd rather celebrate the good over dwelling on the bad, let's all take a little trip down memory a time when coffee shops were open from morning till night, and sometimes you'd even get free entertainment with your daily cup-of-joe.

Meet Bangor's Drive-Thru Dracula.


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