Lincoln Police have arrested the man who came to claim a lost backpack that contained drugs and paraphernalia.

A picture of the bag that had been found at the end of someone's driveway was posted on the Lincoln Police Department's Facebook page on Wednesday. It would appear that David Adams may not have seen the original post about the blue and silver backpack. Maybe someone told him that the police had it and he just hoped they hadn't looked inside the bag. If he had read the original 'lost and found' post on the department's page, he would have seen that it clearly stated the backpack contained heroin and drug paraphernalia and that police would love to chat with the owner.

In another post on the department's Facebook page, Lincoln Police say Adams stopped by their offices on April 7th to claim the backpack. Officials say he allegedly admitted that all the items contained in the bag were his. At this point, David Adams was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drugs. He's due to make his first court appearance in June.

We all know that drug addiction is no joke. Maine Police Departments struggle, every day, to try and win the battle against illegal drugs but it will take whole communities working together. If you see something, say something.

Anyone with information about the illegal sale of drugs in their community is urged to contact the Maine Drug Enforcement office closest to them by phone, by texting MDEA to TIP411 (847411), or by calling the MDEA tip-line at 1-800-452-6457.

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