Saturday's Spring Baby Fair in Brewer is like an awesome yard sale, except it's inside and it's all baby stuff.

Do You Know How Much STUFF Babies Need?

It's amazing how much stuff babies need. I mean, you dress them in a cute little onesie and then feed them. Every parent can tell you what happens next when some of that food comes back up and all over the baby's outfit. Time for a change. And speaking of that...well...that's another ruined outfit. And that's just clothes. I didn't even mention the furniture, car safety seats, high chairs, walkers, bouncy chairs, and on and on...

The frustrating part is how expensive everything is and the fact that the babies outgrow it in a minute. I mean, those 20 onesies probably won't fit for more than two or three months (tops) and then you're looking at buying bigger ones. Who has that kind of money? Especially with the costs of diapers, formula, and baby wipes. Wow. Kids cost a lot.

How Does the Spring Baby Fair Work?

So the folks at Brewer Parks and Recreation have come up with a way to help. Several times a year, they hold Baby Fairs. Nope, they're not selling babies. They're offering space for parents and others to sell gently used baby items at a much-reduced cost. It's a win-win because, honestly, what do you do with all those baby items once your kids outgrow them? Parents of younger kids get what they need while saving money and the older kids' parents get to make some of their money back by selling the stuff they don't need. Oh, and they're not only selling baby items, but also items for older children.

When and Where is the Spring Baby Fair? Can I Use a Credit Card?

The Spring Baby Fair will be held Saturday at the Brewer Auditorium from 8 a.m. to noon. Get there early because I hear there's usually a line by the time they open the doors. Oh, and organizers say it's important to bring cash to make your purchases.

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