Liam Gallagher doesn't want to take a selfie with you, and in a recent interview he revealed why he'd rather embrace you or make a collector's item of your record.

“I prefer to sign something than to have my picture took," Liam told the Irish radio station RTE 2FM (via NME). "Having a picture took is just f---ing hard work. I prefer to shake someone’s hand and give them a f---ing hug. The photographs are a pain in the arse, but that is just the way it is.”

It's apparently one of the few things upon which he and his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel can agree. Last year, the older Gallagher said, “I just tell them to go f--- themselves," about fans wanting a picture. "I’m not beholden to anybody with a camera phone. I don’t give a f--- if they think I’m an a--hole, either.”

But Liam's willingness to get up close and personal with fans may be a bit surprising given an incident that occurred at Oasis' first Glastonbury appearance back in 1994. In a recent interview with Noisey (see above), Liam explained that after the band's performance.

“I remember coming off stage and I got my clothes robbed,” he said. “I [also] remember meeting someone, some very strange kid, who come up to me and thought I had cocaine in my hair.

“I got psoriasis so I had obviously been scratching it during the day and that, and there were little white bits and s---. They were taking it out of my hair and putting it on their gums and putting it up their f---ing nose. I went like, ‘Okay…'”

The Gallagher brothers are both set to appear, separately, at Glastonbury this week, with Liam scheduled to perform, while Noel will introduce a screening of the documentary Oasis: Supersonic

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