Imagine being 16 years old and having a concern. A concern that effects not only you but your friends, your parents, your family, your community and the world.  Imagine being able to care enough about this concern that you reach out to the most powerful person in your state, the governor.

You write a letter, a letter that you may be apprehensive about writing because, you are only 16 years old, in high school, and have little responsibilities and few life experiences. Why would the governor care to read your letter? What will he get out of it other than some kid who has a concern? Will he even read it? Will it just be a secretary to open the letter and send an evergreen response one that everybody else gets when they reach out to the governor?

You know your concern is a legitimate one because people are talking about it at school, speaking about it on the news and you've READ several articles online from several experts about the repercussions of this issue. Repercussions that will effect your generation, entirely.

You send the letter, still apprehensive wondering does your opinion matter? Can you make an effect in your community sharing this opinion? Will your voice move a leader?  Will that leader carry your voice, carry your concern? Could you change the thought of our nation? Could you change the world?

Then, you get a response, a letter, back from the governor, the most powerful man in your home state. He took the time to read your letter! Even more incredible, a hand written note! Perhaps it's the same pen that signed a bill into law or accepted a budget. Amazing power with the ink in that pen and you get to share in the power of that pen with this handwritten note.

You read:

Credit: Screenshot from Portland Press Herald.
Credit: Screenshot from Portland Press Herald.


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