There's nothing more frustrating than doing a weekend's worth of leaf clean-up on your yard, only to find out you've missed your city's leaf collection date! So, to give you a far enough head-start here's when you want to make sure your leaves have been raked up and are ready to go.


According to Bangor Public Works, this year's collection will start on Monday, October 30th.

"Crews will make several passes through the city until all leaves are picked up. There is not a set route through the city so we can’t tell residents when we will pick up at their place but, rest assured, we are working as fast as we can to remove your leaves. We will have multiple crews working 10 hours/day, 6 days/week to get everything cleaned up."

Public works officials say the leaves should be raked up along the side of the road, so the big vacuum units can come to suck them into the trucks for disposal. They advise taking care not to have sticks, stones, or other debris mixed in the pile, as that could not only hurt the public works crews, but also potentially damage the equipment used to remove the leaves, and nobody wants that.

If you'd rather not wait for the trucks, you also have the option of bagging your brush and dropping it off at the Bangor Public Works Compound at 530 Maine Avenue, Monday through Sunday, during daylight hours. But you will need a special sticker to indicate that you are a resident of the city.

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According to Brewer Public Works, citizens there have a little bit longer to deal with their yards, as Brewer usually collects the leaves in the middle of November. And you have to bag them up first.

"Leaves placed curbside must be in biodegradable bags and may also include garden waste such as old flowers, small plants, weeds, and an incremental amount of grass.  Please do <strong>not</strong> dispose of soil, branches, or plant pots in the bags. Brewer residents can also deliver their leaves to the Brewer Recycling Center located at 406 Elm Street at no cost, any time of year."


In Orono, residents are being asked to bag up leaves and brush and have them curbside by Monday, November 6th. And Orono town officials say that the crews will only be making one pass through each neighborhood.

"Bagged leaves should be placed curbside next to the brush and limbs. Piled limbs should be at least four feet in length. Limbs must be less than six inches in diameter. Brush should be neatly piled at curbside and limbs should be stacked with the broadest diameter ends facing the curb. Piles must be limited to one per parcel and not larger than 6 feet x 12 feet."

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