I feel like somehow it's still Groundhog Day.

It seems every year, there are certain bills introduced at either the state or federal level that come up almost annually. For instance... the constant debate about whether or not Maine, or even the whole country, should do away with changing the clocks. It seems like an easy issue. Vote on it, and move on. But it always gets kicked right down the lane.

Another hot button issue, and with good reason, is whether or not folks should have to remove snow and ice from the roof of their cars. You hear about accidents all the time that are caused by icy debris flying off a vehicle. And if you've ever been behind a vehicle when it happens, it's utterly terrifying. For a split second, you have ni idea where you are, how much damage has been done, and whether or not you're about to crash into something else.

Again, this seems like an easy win, and Mainers would rejoice.

According to the Portland Press Herald however, not everyone is so quick to climb on board with this. The commercial trucking industry has some very strong opinions about this bill. they argue that it wouldn't be safe for drivers to remove debris during a storm, and that doing it manually is just too dangerous in the first place.

State police have also argued that it could be tough to enforce. But they're also quick to remind folks how dangerous it is to leave snow on your roof. They even cite the possibility of being charged with carrying an unsecure load, but that's the extent that Maine law reaches on the matter currently.

Just since November, there have been around 30 accidents caused by flying snow and ice. The proposed bill would give drivers would have 48 hours to clear their vehicles, and would carry a fine of $150 - $500 for violating the time limit. This proposed bill will go to public hearing on Tuesday, February 28th.

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