A girl from Chesterville will be hospitalized for at least two weeks after being attacked by a dog at a neighbor's house.

Where Did the Attack Happen?

Lily is 6-years-old and was visiting a neighbor when her life changed forever. It was a normal day, with the girl visiting her friend's house for some play time. The other girl's mother had just gone into the bathroom when she heard screaming and ran to the girls' side. Lily had just sat down to play cards with her friend when the dog jumped on her. The animal didn't belong to the homeowners, but they were dog-sitting the Pitbull-Bullmastiff mix for a friend. When the dog saw the homeowner, he/she let go of the little girl.

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How Badly is the Girl Hurt?

Now, she's in a Boston hospital, where she received more than 1,000 stitches to her face and had undergone over 11 hours of surgery. According to a Go Fund Me page set up for the family, the injuries range from under her eyes to below her chin. Her salivary glands aren't currently working and, according to the Sun Journal, doctors say she won't be able to smile again. The muscles are just too damaged.

My heart goes out to her parents, who are not only trying to cope with the reality of what's happened to their daughter, but are also faced with mounting medical bills. She is expected to spend at least two weeks in the hospital while her wounds heal. Then there will be more doctors visits and rehab, after that.

What Will Happen to the Dog?

As for the dog, it's been quarantined and will be evaluated for 10 days before any decisions are made about the animal's future.

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