There really is no doubt that LL Bean is the KING of iconic Maine businesses.  Is there another Maine business that has products being used all around the world?  Yeah, we did not think so.

And, are you really a Mainer if you did not go to school with one of those cool backpacks that had your initials on it slung over your shoulder?  Right?  Well, full disclosure, I DID NOT have one of those as a kid because they were crazy expensive!  Worth every penny, though.

While those LL Bean products can be purchased from their many stores, or online, there is nothing more exciting than a trip to their flagship store in Freeport.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to an article in the KJ, that flagship store will soon be getting a very pricey upgrade and renovation.

The upgrades and renovations will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $50 million they are calling the project the "Freeport Experience".

According to the article, more details about the specifics of the upgrades will be released in the coming weeks and months, but they have said some of the changes will include a redesign of the store’s Maine Street façade, the addition of new food offerings and the expansion Discovery Park.

The immense changes to the LL Bean flagship store only make sense, considering the recent emphasis put on the redevelopment of the Freeport downtown.  The 137 Freeport Downtown Vision plan was released last May.  The plan reimagines Freeport as a walkable New England village filled with experiences.  The plan also mentions that LL Bean's Discovery Park is an integral part of this new vision for the downtown.

You can read all about the vision plan HERE

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