Heads up Mookie!

There were a lot of reasons to party yesterday in Boston, not only was it Halloween, but the Red Sox had a duck boat parade in the city to celebrate their World Series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It is a fairly normal tradition for drunken fans to throw players a beer along the parade route, Rob Gronkowski gladly excepted when the Patriots rode through the streets in Boston a few years back, but in this instance the Sox players weren't as eager to participate.

Manager Alex Cora was hit with a beer, which lead to the arrest of a 19 year old Massachusetts man, a wife of one of the other coaches got pelted, and Mookie Betts was nearly beaned with a brew, and if all that wasn't enough, one particularly good toss damaged the World Series itself. Maybe they should add that guy to the pitching staff next season.

We are psyched that another championship has come to New England sports fans, but it was probably a bad idea to hold a parade on Halloween.

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