Nothing beats a night game at Fenway!

It's pretty expensive, but if you ever get a chance to sit at the top of Fenway Park's famous Green Monster, you have to cross it off your Bucket List! I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Sox-Yankees game this past Friday night, and not only do your get a beautiful view of the ballpark, but you get a chance to see home runs balls up close and personal.

In addition to the three blasts hit my way by Mookie Betts, JD Martinez launched a rocket that sailed over my head, out of the park, then landed on the roof of the parking lot across the street! So I got to see four dingers hit my way, and I got to enjoy a 10-5 Red Sox win.

Check out my photo album of the trip, and if you ever get the chance to sit up there, do not pass it up

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