The folks at Orono movie theater, Spotlight Cinemas, are looking for a few good clowns. Actually, they'd like to get more than a few. Ultimately, they want to fill one of their theaters to the brim with clowns! Why? Well, they want to take a picture of this theater full of clowns to use as a promotion ahead of the September release of the new "It: Chapter 2" movie.

The theater will offer four free movie passes to the first 100 clowns to arrive at Spotlight by 9 a.m. Sunday, July 28. If you have never been a clown, but still want to participate, they invite you to come to the theater by 8 a.m. to have your clown make-up done so you can join in the fun.

Once they take the photo, they will print them off, and selling copies in honor to the new movie and its author, Stephen King. Spotlight plans to donate the proceeds from the photo sales to The Little Free Library.

"IT: Chapter 2" is due out in theaters September 5.

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