At a certain point, we may have to do something about that title.

Nevertheless, for now they are The Kids in the Hall, as they ever were and likely as they ever shall be. Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson first joined forces in Toronto in the mid-1980s, and then got their own cult sketch show on HBO and CBC in Canada. It lasted for just over 100 episodes through five seasons on the air. After the original Kids series wound down, the group produced one movie, Brain Candy, and then mostly went their separate ways — although they have reunited for occasional live tours and one revival series in 2010, a murder mystery miniseries called Death Comes to Town.

Which means that for the first time in a decade, the Kids in the Hall are back — with eight new episodes that will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The press release from Amazon touts the fact that all five original members of the group are returning — and that they “will be reprising fan-favorite characters (and assuming some new ones) for the series’ next iteration.” Lorne Michaels, who produced the original Kids in the Hall series, is back on board as executive producer once again.

So welcome back, Kids in the Hall! The press release doesn’t mention whether the classic episodes will be streaming on Amazon as well (they are currently available for rent), but I’m going to hope that’s part of the deal as well. Really, I just want this sketch to get a sequel.

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