Sweet little Jackson visited us again at the Z Morning Show this morning and we couldn't wait to let him in on some good news.

If you recall, Jackson loves the Price Is Right and is a wiz at all of the games.  He even dressed as Drew Carey for Halloween.  He's been a fan of the game show for most of the years of his young life.

Jackson was hoping to get on the kids version of the show, which will be filming later this month and airing in March.

Jackson had been expecting a call from the show to see if he got tickets for this special filming but hadn't gotten word and was anticipating that he and his family didn't get tickets.

Watch as we tell Jackson the good news that he'll be going to the show next week!

Good luck, Jackson!  We all want your name to be called to "come on down"!  He deserves the chance and Bangor will be watching!  Knock 'em dead, bud!!

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