The greatest combo since chocolate & peanut butter?

Why has it took so long to combine condiments? Well the good folks at Heinz have answered this question with an interesting new invention! Mayochep is an intriguing mix of ketchup and mayonnaise. Why bother wasting all that time squeezing TWO bottles on your burger, when you can have them together in one squeezable delight of tastiness?

So far, Heinz has only made this product available in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries, but have balked on putting out in the United States, until 500,000 of their Twitter followers demand it's release. So far, over 511,000 people want to see it on the shelves, and are even suggesting names, since "Mayochup" is kinda lame. You can tweet your support at @HeinzKetchup_US

If you just can't wait for this to sweep the nation, Inside Edition put together a video that shows you how to perfectly blend your own version.

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