Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!

On Friday's Z Morning Show, Kid & Sarah made their picks for all the major catagories in the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony. With the prize of a free lunch on the line, we can now give you the official results.

Best Actor- Kid Chose Rami Malek, Sarah chose Christian Bale. Kid 1 Sarah 0

Best Actress- Kid chose Glen Close, Sarah chose Yalitza Aparicio. Kid 1 Sarah 0

Best Supporting Actor- Kid chose Mahershala Ali, Sarah chose Mahershala Ali. Kid 2 Sarah 1

Best Supporting Actress-Kid chose Regina Bell, Sarah chose Marinade Tavira. Kid 3 Sarah 1

Best Animated Feature- Kid chose "Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse", Sarah chose "Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse". Kid 4, Sarah 2

Best Director- Kid chose Alfonso Cuaron, Sarah chose Alfonso Cuaron. Kid 5 Sarah 3

Best Original Song- Kid chose "Shallow", Sarah chose "All The Stars: Kid 6, Sarah 3

Best Picture- Kid chose "Roma", Sarah chose "Black Panther" Kid wins 6-3!

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