Kelly Clarkson isn't counting out love just yet, but she definitely doesn't plan on ever tying the knot again.

On Tuesday (Dec. 14), the "Stronger" singer spoke about her current mindset regarding dating and relationships on the Love Someone With Delilah podcast.

Right now, Clarkson is only focused on her work and children, but she hasn't totally tossed out the idea of dating. However, she has completely squashed the concept of getting married again.

"Maybe in the future, you never know," Clarkson said of dating. "Well, I do know I won't get married again. But I just mean, you never know about love. It's one of those things where we're engineered — especially from where I'm from — to have that. And I don't have that need."

Clarkson and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock filed for divorce in June 2020 after 10 years together and seven years of marriage. The couple share a 7-year-old daughter, River, and 5-year-old son, Remington.

Clarkson became legally single in September.

"It's one of those things you didn't expect or anything, but at the same time, I've already had people be like, 'Let me know when you're wanting to date,'" Clarkson added. "It's like, you know what, I don't think you have to have someone with you all the time. I really do enjoy my work, my kids, my creative self. Sometimes I got stifled in relationships. It's hard to be as creative as I can because sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve."

As for past relationships, she "regret[s] nothing."

"I feel like that's what shapes you," the pop icon said of her heartbreaks. "It's what makes you a better person. It's what makes you recognize, 'Okay, I missed those red flags. I missed that or I ignored that on purpose.'"

Clarkson added that she "almost called my next album 'Red Flag Collector.'" If one thing's for sure, Clarkson has turned her heartbreak into some epic breakup anthems.

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