The American Christmas Tree Association has a list of things for you to mindful of now that you've chosen the right tree to decorate your home for the holidays.

A live Christmas tree can pose a huge fire risk when you combine a dry plant wrapped in lights and close to electrical outlets or heat sources.

Here are some tips to avoid losing your home to a Christmas disaster.

1.  Choose a tree that looks green with needles that are hard to pull off. 

We all feel bad for the wilted, needle-less, Charlie Brown trees but a mulcher would do you much better for a tree like that than bringing it home and decorating it.

2.  Keep the tree base well watered. 

This will help the tree thrive for the short time you have it in your home.

3.  Keep your tree away from a heat source. 

This seems logical but sometimes the beautiful visual of your Christmas Tree near the fireplace can pull on your nostalgic, cozy holiday heart strings.  Don't give in- be safe!

4.  Turn the Christmas lights off when you're not around.

Again, this seems logical as well as economical, but, avoid a fire starting without your awareness.

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