Check out this video posted on to YouTube by MaineExperiment this weekend!

Although it's a quick 32 seconds it shows an epic view atop one of New England's most famous skiing destinations.  The video shows skiers on top of Sugarloaf with the sun on the horizon and clouds hovering over the valley below.  What a view!

The description to the video tells us how much snow is already on the mountain, which, judging by the winter we've had so far this fall, doesn't surprise us Mainer's too much!

December 1st 2018 at Sugarloaf ME...They have gotten 5 ft of snow in November and we had an amazing view for our last run!

The bloggers also got another video up of snowboarding through the woods on the mountain, in case you wanted to check this out, too:

Sometimes, it's hard for us Mainers to get to witness the beauty that is around us and this video really makes you appreciate the state you live in, doesn't it!

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